The many ways to get involved

Volunteer opportunities

Regardless of your schedule, you can volunteer with Maryland PIRG Students and make a difference. Whether you can volunteer once a week or once a semester, Maryland PIRG Students provides a unique opportunity to work on meaningful issues.

You can get involved with a variety of programs, including community service events, environmental campaigns, voter registration drives and local research projects.

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Volunteer with Maryland PIRG Students to make a difference

learn skills and make a difference
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On campus internships

Communication Skills
Improve your public speaking and writing skills, and learn how to work with the media to get media coverage. Get experience speaking in front of groups and advocating a position one-on-one.

Campaign Skills
Learn the basics of running a campaign - recruiting a training volunteers, generating grassroots support (petitions, letters, calls), building coalitions, organizing large events, campaign strategy, and basic lobbying.

Leadership Skills
Learn how to run meetings, work with teams, plan large events, develop other leaders, mange volunteers, and manage your time.


Full-time jobs with PIRG Action Network

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