What we do...

Our Mission

Together we can make change happen.

It's a good thing, too. Our generation has some big challenges to tackle - from global warming to the rising cost of college, from homelessness to the ever increasing influence big money has on elections. It won't be easy, but by acting together we can find solutions. That's where we come in. Here at Maryland PIRG Students, we organize college students to solve some of the world's most pressing public interest problems. Maryland PIRG Students is an independent statewide student organization that works on issues like environmental protection, consumer protection, and hunger and homelessness. Since 1973 Maryland PIRG students have been making a real difference in people's lives and winning concrete changes to build a better world. We give students the skills and opportunity to practice effective citizenship. Both here on campus and out in the world, we mobilize students to investigate big social problems, come up with practical solutions, convince the media and public to pay attention, and get decision-makers to act.

More about us

Maryland PIRG teaches the citizenship skills necessary to have practical impacts on the issues we care about. We have been on campus defending the public against power special interests for over 40 years.

We are focused on getting real results on issues that matter to students. So far this year we registered nearly 1,500 students to vote, helped to pass a measure that allows small donor matching programs in Howard County, and educated the student body about the overuse of antibiotics in the meat industry.

Through Maryland PIRG, UMD students have built a unique institution combining student volunteerism and the skills of professional staff to work for the betterment of our community, the environment and our quality of life. Students involved with Maryland PIRG learn things you can’t learn in the classroom, like how to recruit and train volunteers and how to get a newspaper to cover your issue.

Maryland PIRG students do thousands of hours of service every year – from helping those in need through our Hunger and Homelessness campaign, to registering students to vote. Students actively involved with Maryland PIRG and even students who just sign our petitions and read our emails, graduate Maryland as more well-rounded citizens.